No job in the NFL has proved as dangerous as being the starting quarterback of the Indianapolis Colts.

Season-ending injuries have sidelined Colts' starters the past five years, the most recent casualty being Jack Trudeau. He tore ligaments in his right knee last week against Miami and was replaced by Jeff George, this year's top pick in the NFL draft, for Monday night's game with the undefeated New York Giants.George sprained his left knee against Miami and practiced little the previous five weeks because of a strained abdomen that remains sore. But with backups Joe Ferguson and Rusty Hilger unfamiliar with the team, and Mark Herrmann sidelined by a separated shoulder, a hurting George is the best Indianapolis can offer.

"The knee is a little stiff but it will be OK," George said. "I've just got to fight through it. I really haven't had a chance to show what I can do. The past four or five weeks have been tough, but I've learned from it. I see things you don't normally see from the field."