Lawrence Rey Topham is running in the 2nd District representing the new Independent Party of Utah. The trouble is that party Chairman Merrill Cook and the party central committee disavow Topham, saying he really doesn't represent them and shouldn't be on the ballot under their party logo. But, Topham was the only candidate to file under the Independent Party banner, so he remains.

Topham, a longtime conservative activist who doesn't believe in the use of paper money, makes the mainstay of his campaign the complaint he's espoused for a year: The state government is operating illegally because Gov. Norm Bangerter and other elected executives, all of the Utah House and Senate and most of the Supreme Court justices have failed to file "oaths of office" certificates.The state constitution says all elected officials shall, within a certain time frame, file such oaths proving they did, indeed, take an oath swearing to uphold the Constitution.

Bangerter and the other officers did fail to file such oaths. While the oaths are required by the constitution, Deputy Lt. Gov. Dave Hansen, who oversees state election law, says that because the governor and other elected officers take their oaths of office in public gatherings, with the media recording the events, that clearly the oaths have been taken and filing such oath certificates isn't necessary.

Topham vehemently disagrees. He's filed court complaints, but says, "How can the Supreme Court, which itself serves illegally, rule impartially on this matter?"