A contingent of 10 business professionals, including attorneys from the Salt City law firm of Woodbury, Jensen, Kesler & Swinton, P.C., left Monday for a trade mission to Soviet Georgia.

"The focus of our exchange is to explore business options and conduct preliminary discussions," said James U. Jensen, chairman of the law firm. "We hope to engage in negotiations for purchasing and joint venture propositions as well as our development of business relations and contacts for further trade and investment opportunities in the republic of Georgia."The exchange will be funded by private partners, including Amirani Corp., a Utah-based trading company, and Ikalto, the business arm of the USSR Georgian Academy of Sciences.

The trade mission will include Soviet-led lectures and discussion on infrastructure for Georgian and Soviet business practices. In turn, U.S. professionals will present their expertise in high-tech businesses, market research, cost accounting, joint ventures and payment alternatives for trade with a non-convertible currency.

"Our country is efficiently developing in the field of shares and exchanges business," said Teimuraz V. Gamtsemlidze, president of Ikalto, in a prepared release. "My association has already set up several joint stock societies, and now a Stock Exchange Bank is being organized."

The exchange was organized when Ikalto and representatives of the Salt Lake law firm learned of the other's business ventures. Woodbury, Jensen, Kesler & Swinton, P.C., has begun efforts to sponsor a Soviet lawyer exchange to Utah.