The Socialist Workers Party candidate in the 2nd District, Eleanor Garcia, wants U.S. troops out of the Persian Gulf, wants safe, legal abortions for any woman who seeks one, and believes workers should unite to demand change.

Garcia, 37, is a foundry worker at Geneva Steel. She lives in Salt Lake City.She joined the party in 1977 and moved to Utah in 1987.

Garcia says she's been a political activist most of her life.

"While in grade school in the 1960s I spoke out against racism and the Vietnam War."

In the 1970s she helped organize farm workers, starting as a student organizer for the United Farmworkers Boycott Committee.

In 1977, she helped organize a strike by 5,000 farm workers in Arizona.

Garcia and two other women founded MUJER, a feminist Chicana organization. "I'm a veteran fighter for women's rights and supporter of safe, legal abortions," she says.

In 1980, Garcia went to work at Reynolds Metals in Phoenix where, as a member of the United Steelworkers, she supported the copper miners' strike that year.

She now is working to "build solidarity for strikes against Eastern Airlines and Decker Coal."

Her campaign is active in defense of Indian treaty rights. "As a supporter of the Cuban revolution, I demand that all economic and travel restrictions against Cuba be eliminated."