"How many of you like this flag?" she asks a group of citizens gathered for Kaysville's meet-the-candidates night. "Who here is proud to be an American?"

Reva Marx Wadsworth exudes patriotism, something she feels is lacking in the country's two major political parties.As the American Party candidate in the 1st Congressional District, Wadsworth said she is running against Democrat Kenley Brunsdale and Republican Jim Hansen "to give the voters an alternative. A true voice."

Calling herself a "student and teacher of the Constitution," Wadsworth, 63, North Salt Lake, blames the two parties for the America's budget crisis.

"For 40 years, the Democrat Party has led the way in interventionist policies and the Republicans have tailed along with a me-too (attitude)."

Holding bachelor's degrees in music, English and education, and a master's in international communications, Wadsworth spends much of her time working with a club she founded called American Constitution Stars, which is for kids interested in the Constitution. A book on the Constitution is to be distributed to all Utah school districts this December, she said.

"I can see all the answers are there (in the Constitution) for all the problems we face," said Wadsworth, a mother of nine and grandmother of 32.

If elected, Wadsworth said, she would work toward immediately pulling U.S. troops out of the Middle East and toward lowering taxes.