I've noticed a lot of articles recently knocking nationalism and isolationism. The globalists must be scared.

Nationalism is rational, moral and natural. It is natural to love the place where you are born, where most of the people you care about live. That's how Thomas Jefferson described nationalism.It has nothing to do with putting down other people's countries or most especially invading other people's countries. One of the big whoppers of this century was the determined effort by globalists to blame World War II on nationalism. Nationalism did not cause the war. It was the clash between German and Japanese efforts to create their own empires with the already existing empires of Great Britain, the Netherlands, France and the Soviet Union. In short, the truth is the opposite of the lie - internationalism causes wars.

Nationalist feelings are real. A couple of summers ago, I took my kids to see Niagara Falls and spent a couple of days on the Canadian side of the border. Now Canada is about as similar to the United States, other than Quebec Province, as any foreign country could be. The people dress the same, speak the same, are quite pleasant, and you see the same kinds of cars, beer and most everything else.

Yet, Canada is distinctly not the United States, and you can feel that. Moreover, when I drove back across the bridge to the American side, I felt a tangible sense of euphoria. Good old Niagara Falls, N.Y., may be a bit worn at the edges and not as touristy as the Canadian side, but I prefer it and I love it. It is America, my country, and its people are Americans, my people. I felt at home even though until that trip I had never set eyes on upstate New York.

Because I love my country, I don't begrudge others loving theirs. I have no desire to interfere with them or their countries or to put them or their countries down. I wish them well. I'm just interested in furthering my country's legitimate interests which, when they are truly legitimate, involve no imposition on another.

George Washington in his magnificent farewell address warned us to beware of foreign entanglements and of foreign influence. He said if you practice a habitual fondness for or a habitual hatred of another country you become a slave to your bias and often at the expense of your own country.

Thousands of lobbyists are in Washington representing foreign countries, and this is precisely the kind of baneful influence Washington warned us against.

If I had to choose just one characteristic of American policy in the postwar era, it would be that all too often it has favored foreign nations at the expense of America and Americans. The way to achieve amiable relations with foreign countries is not to dump foreign aid on them or enter into alliances with them but merely to respect their sovereignty and not interfere in either their quarrels or their internal affairs.

It is absurd that Congress funds housing in foreign countries while Americans are homeless, finances infrastructure in foreign countries while ours crumbles, finances foreign education while ours deteriorates.

Yet so powerful is foreign influence in Washington that even in the midst of a budget crisis, the foreign aid appropriation sails through Congress with virtually no debate.

Let's get rid of foreign influence and concentrate on building a better America.