Ex-hostage Christian Sergent has had a good week - freed by Iraq on Monday, married on Saturday.

The 36-year-old oil technician came home this week along with 261 other French hostages after being held captive by Baghdad since Iraq invaded Kuwait on Aug. 2.Throughout his captivity, Sergent's biggest fear was that he wouldn't keep his wedding date with girlfriend Giselle Jummarra, set for Saturday, her birthday.

He made it with five days to spare.

"I'm crazy with happiness," Sergent said Saturday. "I'm going to give up smoking."

The couple were married in a civil ceremony Saturday in this university town 470 miles south of Paris. Sergent chose another ex-hostage, Pierrot Sanchez, as his best man.

Five other freed hostages attended the wedding.

Sergent had been in Iraq only one day when President Saddam Hussein's troops stormed into Kuwait.

A week later, he was forced to go from an oilfield in the northern part of Iraq to Baghdad. He spent more than three months in captivity as part of Saddam's roundup of Westerners. The Iraqi leader freed the French captives Monday in an apparent attempt to split the multinational alliance facing him in the Persian Gulf.