At 13, Joyce P. is a bright, attractive young lady, born in July 1977.

Her primary athletic interest is running and her social worker said she is quite talented. Given the opportunity to take classes, she could probably become an excellent dancer as well.The seventh grader does very well in some areas, and particularly likes social studies. She has expressed interest in modeling when she grows up.

Her past has been filled with neglect and abuse and left her with some emotional and behavioral problems. Because she feels she was rejected by her birth family and others, she tends to set up situations where she will again be rejected. Although she has some problems expressing her feelings appropriately and doesn't always get along well with her peers, group therapy is helping her to resolve some of the issues of her past and enabling her to trust others.

Joyce needs a black, two-parent family or a single mother who can encourage her academic and athletic strengths while providing emotional support and nurturing.

She would probably do best as the only child, although a family with much older children might be considered.

An adoption subsidy is available.