The governor, mayor of Salt Lake City and chairman of the Salt Lake County Commission are considering a plan to form a world's fair around the state's centennial, the sesquicentennial of the arrival of the Mormon pioneers and the Winter Olympics.

The plan is the brainchild of Jack Gallivan, publisher emeritus of the Salt Lake Tribune. He met Tuesday with Gov. Norm Bangerter, Mayor Palmer DePaulis and Salt Lake County Commission Chairman Mike Stewart, who agreed to give the plan further thought.The plan would hinge on whether Utah is successful in obtaining the 1998 Winter Olympics.

Gallivan said the sequence of two noteworthy state celebrations and the Olympics would provide a unique sequence of events. He suggested using Salt Lake City's block 57, currently under construction, as a focal point for the fair.

"Unlike all other world fairs, which traditionally celebrate the achievements of science, the Utah world fair will be a celebration of mankind itself at its best in the performance of the arts and athletics," Gallivan said.

He suggested forming a committee of statewide civic, government and religious leaders to study the event. "I think with all the entities involved, we could put together enough money to hire a consultant to prove the feasibility of this," Gallivan said.