Motorola Inc. says it has developed a new wireless technology that will allow companies to use radio waves to link computers into networks, eliminating the need for a myriad of wires in office buildings.

The electronics company, based in Schaumburg, Ill., said it plans to introduce the first product based on the technology early in 1991.Motorola said that over the next decade it plans a range of products that will allow companies to link computers without cabling and wiring.

The company expressed great confidence in the new technology, but some industry analysts said it may be slow to catch on.

Company officials expect sales of the system to 100 clients before it is widely available early next year. About five companies are currently using the technology, the officials said at a news conference.

While competitors have introduced similar technology, Motorola said its network will operate at higher speeds and could quickly win a significant customer base.

The technology is expected to attract companies that relocate or re-configure their office space. Old buildings, where regulations may limit cabling, are among candidates for the new wireless links.

For its part, Motorola sees its plans as the next frontier in office technology. "We believe will solve the wiring and cabling nightmare," said Bernard Smedley, vice president of the Radio-Telephone Systems Group.