A Republican candidate for the Davis County Commission charged Thursday that his Democratic opponent and the county's Libertarian Party chairman have allied themselves against him.

Ed Snow, Bountiful, the GOP nominee for the commission's A seat, said Libertarian Chairman Larry Livingston has endorsed the candidacy of Democrat J. Dell Holbrook and is leveling attacks against Snow.Livingston is also a candidate for the commission but is running for the B seat against Republican Gerald Purdy.

Acknowledging that Livingston has endorsed his candidacy, Holbrook said there is no plotbetween him and Livingston against Snow.

"I think Ed's concern is misdirected," said Holbrook. "Ed Snow should be more concerned about the Republicans who have endorsed my campaign than about what the Libertarian Party is doing.

"If the Libertarian Party wants to endorse me, that's fine," said Holbrook. "I can't control who the Libertarian Party supports. I welcome the support, but I'm more enthralled by the support I'm getting from the Republican Party members," said Holbrook, the county Democratic chairman.

Snow Thursday called on Holbrook to "clarify the nature of the alliance" between him and Livingston, calling it "strange and potentially dangerous."

Snow also called an appearance by Livingston at a meet-the-candidates night, where Livingston appeared in a skeleton suit and mask, "juvenile antics."

Livingston said the skeleton suit showed what is left of voters after politicians have picked their bones clean with taxes. The Libertarian chairman also handed out some "awards," giving Snow a snowflake and his own opponent, retired educator Gerald Purdy, an apple.

Livingston is charging that educators get the bulk of tax money raised in the county. Purdy is a retired educator, as is incumbent commissioner Gayle Stevenson, and Livingston said education is over-represented in the county.

The antics, including a statement that Snow's parents are teachers, have angered Snow and he called on Holbrook to repudiate them and clarify his relationship with Livingston.

Holbrook said he's talked to Livingston at the candidate meetings and on the telephone a few times, as one party chairman to another.

"I have no involvement in his (Livingston's) campaign and he has none in mine, other than an endorsement," said Holbrook. "I have no control over who endorses me. I see nothing sinister or disconcerting in getting support from other parties.

"I have endorsements from four parties in the county: the Democrats, some prominent Republicans, the Libertarians, and the Independent Party," said Holbrook.

"Let's clear the record," said Holbrook. "What we have here is a desperate move by Ed Snow toward the end of the campaign to manufacture a bombshell.

"Ed is a fine young man, but maybe he's a little too aggressive and overzealous in his desire to be a county commissioner," Holbrook said.

Snow said Holbrook is "a likable person and I hope he's not egging Mr. Livingston on in his attacks against me. Therefore, I challenge Mr. Holbrook to either repudiate Mr. Livingston's juvenile antics which are an insult to the intelligence and integrity of Davis County voters, or to step out from behind Mr. Livingston and confront me directly."

As for Livingston's statement that his parents are both retired teachers, Snow said he is "proud of my parents and I'm proud they taught in the public schools.

"For Mr. Livingston to imply that there is something sinister about having a relative as a public school teacher is outrageous."