Vice President Dan Quayle swept into Provo Thursday afternoon for a red, white and blue Republican rally for 3rd District Congressional candidate Karl Snow.

Moments before Air Force Two, the vice president's airplane, touched down at the Provo Municipal Airport, Snow told the Deseret News that Quayle's visit would be "upbeat . . . That's what we want to end (the campaign) on."Snow and his wife, Donna, greeted Quayle on the tarmac at the Provo Municipal Airport as he descended from Air Force Two around 2 p.m. A crowd of about 100 onlookers gathered in pouring rain to catch a glimpse of the vice president - a few waving signs supporting Bill Orton, Snow's Democratic challenger.

Quayle met with reporters in a Rocky Mountain Helicopter hangar at the airport. He said what Congress needs is more Republicans.

"If we had a Republican Congress we wouldn't have to consider raising taxes to eliminate and reduce the excessive federal budget deficit. We could have done it by spending cuts and economic growth," Quayle said. "If we had a Republican Congress the president would be given a line-item veto and a balanced budget amendment."

The last time Congress had a Republican majority was 1954 - when Quayle was 7 years old.

"I think it is time that the Republicans were given a chance in the Congress and in the House of Representatives," he said.

"I hope the Republicans come together," Quayle said. "That is one thing President George Bush does not need and that's more Democrats in the Congress.

"This is a Republican district and I can't imagine that you want to send someone to Washington that is going to be in bed with the liberal Democrats," Quayle said. "I think you'd want somebody that's going to follow conservative Republicans like Jake Garn and Orrin Hatch."

Snow will continue the "type of Republican leadership that Utah is known for," Quayle said.

Quayle and Republican dignitaries traveled in a 12-vehicle motorcade to a GOP rally at Utah Valley Community College.

Quayle stopped the motorcade along Geneva Road near Fort Utah Park to greet about 75 pupils from Sunset View Elementary, who were lined up along the sidewalk hoping to catch a glimpse of the vice president. Quayle shook hands and gave "high fives" to many of the youngsters.

The rally at UVCC featured the American Fork and Payson marching bands, the Utah Valley Children's Choir, drill teams and cheerleaders, flags and balloons.

In his remarks to the 2,000 people gathered at the rally, Quayle said "Just as you can predict BYU will go to another great bowl game, I also predict that Karl Snow is going to Washington come this January."

Snow pledged, if elected, to protect the Constitution against "those liberal politicians and those tax-and-spend Democrats who advocate more taxes and more government. We've had enough of both."

GOP members of the Utah delegation called on the crowd to rally around the Republican Party - and Snow - this election. The message fell on a few deaf ears; several people flashed signs for Orton during the rally.

Congressman Howard Nielson praised Snow's "outstanding record" of service in the Utah Senate.

Sen. Orrin Hatch called the 3rd District "one of the most important Republican districts in this country" and said a conservative Democrat would not be able to withstand pressure from liberal Democrats in Congress.

Sen. Jake Garn said there has been more "turnover in the Politburo in the Soviet Union than in the House of Representatives" over the past half century.

Congressman Jim Hansen said if the 3rd District and Utah County can't be counted on to vote Republican, "where can we count on people?"