An infrared communications system, an ion removal process, medical equipment, a method of algae farming, and an archery bow are featured among the 12 patents awarded Utah inventors by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Bradley W. Smith, Ogden. A solid propellant canister loaded multiple pulsed or staged rocket motor. Assigned to Morton Thiokol Inc., Chicago. Filed Aug. 3, 1988. Patent 4,956,971.James A. Pickering, Sandy; Joseph R. Johnston, Park City; and Thomas A. Fisher, Prescott Valley, Ariz. A compound archery bow with non-stretch bowstring and eccentrics for securing same. Assigned to The

Hoyt/Easton Archery Company Inc., Salt Lake City. Filed Nov. 25, 1987. Patent 4,957,094.

George W. Ford Jr., Salt Lake City. A method for repeatedly forming and dispensing small quantities of foam. Assigned to Ballard Medical Products, Midvale. Filed July 28, 1986. Patent 4,957,218.

Tennyson Smith, Orem. Apparatus and process for performing optical ellipsometric measurements of surfaces. Assigned to Photoacoustic Technology Inc., Westlake Village, Calif. Filed March 16, 1989. Patent 4,957,368.

George R. Pipes, Salt Lake City. Apparatus for determining the alignment of a wheel or a rail-supported vehicle with respect to the rail. Assigned to Eaton Corp., Cleveland, Ohio. Filed April 17, 1989. Patent 4,958,440.

Jay P. Nielson, Salt Lake City, and Paul A. Sturm, Ogden. A process for reproducing and harvesting algae of the genus Dunaliella and associated bacteria. Assigned to Algae Farms, Salt Lake City. Filed May 9, 1988. Patent 4,958,460.

Harold K. Dunn, Salt Lake City; Mark A. Lazzeri, and Jeffrey M. Ondria, both of Warsaw, Ind. A femoral osteotomy guide assembly. Assigned to Zimmer Inc., Warsaw, Ind. Filed Feb. 24, 1989. Patent 4,959,066.

John Merlette, Sandy. Foot prosthesis and method of making same. Filed June 6, 1988. Patent 4,959,073.

Peter G. Russell, Ogden. Method for lining the inner surface of a cylindrical or domed member with an elastomeric material. Assigned to Morton Thiokol Inc., Chicago. Filed May 11, 1988. Patent 4,959,110.

Jerald S. Bradshaw, Byron J. Turbet, Krzysztof E. Krakowisk, Jan F. Biernat, Ronald L. Bruening and Reed M. Izatt, all of Provo. Process of removing ions from solutions by forming a complex with sulfur containing hydrocarbon covalently bonded to silica. Assigned to Brigham Young University, Provo. Filed July 13, 1988. Patent 4,959,153.

Gary D. Roberts, Lindon. Electromagnetic induction machines having regulated polar magnetic symmetry. Assigned to S.P.C. Holding Co. Ltd., Salt Lake City. Filed Feb. 27, 1989, a continuation of patent 4,808,868. Patent 4,959,573.

Lawrence C. Austin, Orem. A multi-channel infrared cableless communication system. Assigned to Corporation of the President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Filed May 31, 1988. Patent 4,959,828.

Rhea A. Nielson, Clinton. Baby weaning aid. Filed Feb. 27, 1989. Design patent 310,720.

Ron Jackson, Salt Lake City. UV lamp for curing fingernail coatings. Assigned to Pacific Research & Development Corp., Salt Lake City. Filed July 17, 1989. Design patent 310,724.

Copies of patents are available by number for $1.50 from Box 9, Patent and Trademark Office, Washington DC 20231.