Around the world working people have united to act in their own behalf.

It's time workers in the United States had their own political party - a labor party - based on "a fighting labor movement," says Tony Dutrow.Dutrow is the Socialist Workers Party congressional candidate in the 3rd District. He is a machine operator at Jennmar Corp. in Helper and has long fought for the rights of working people.

Dutrow is an active union organizer who has worked with the United Food and Commercial Workers, the United Auto Workers, the Farm Labor Organizing Committee and the United Mine Workers.

"After a decade of witnessing wages slashed, jobs lost and unions busted, many working people are looking for ways to defend ourselves," Dutrow said.

Dutrow opposes U.S. intervention in the Persian Gulf crisis.

"Working people in the United States should demand that the U.S. forces be withdrawn and that Washington and its allies end their military blockade, economic sanctions, seizure of assets and bullying of Iraq," Dutrow said. "Our interests are the opposite of the bosses', whether it's in a contract fight or in foreign policy. The Democrats and Republicans agree to wage war on us at home, and send us to war overseas."

He supports affirmative action programs as "necessary to overcome discrimination," opposes apartheid and believes that by shortening the work week, with no cut in pay, "all of us can have jobs."