American Party candidate Robert Smith says there is only one true conservative in the 3rd Congressional District race.

"It is time for a change from the tweedledee tweedledum politics of the major parties and their candidates, whose only goal is to remain in office and continue the growth and fiscal irresponsibility of government," Smith said.

Smith, 57, said he has been deluged with phone calls since the primary "from people looking for a conservative."

He lives in Taylorsville and owns American Publishing Co. and two related businesses. He is married to Susan Banks, and they have seven children. He has not held elected office before.

He joined the American Party in 1972. He is the choice for voters who want to "see America back on track, to save our Constitution, to reduce the size of government, returning responsibility once again to the people," Smith said.

Smith believes the "heavy personal income tax and other taxes" have destroyed the earning capacity of many families and forced many women and mothers to seek employment so their families can maintain a reasonable standard of living.

Increased governmental control and regulation have led to decreased performance and quality in education, Smith said. Control of schools needs to be returned to the states and local governments.

"The solution to saving America from ruin and disaster is for our elected representatives to refuse to support programs or policies that are clearly unconstitutional."