It's learn-to-ski time again. Deseret New Ski School time. Time to learn the difference between "weighting" a ski and "hopping." Both will work, but only one is right.

The first class will be Nov. 10 in Sugarhouse Park. Unusual place for a ski school, true, but as Ski School Director Alf Engen pointed out, "There is no better place."Students go to the park to learn introductory moves without fear of slipping and sliding around. On the first lesson students will learn to put on and take off equipment. They will learn to walk, side-step up a hill, make a standing 180-degree turn, and get a feel for shifting weight, or weighting, from one ski to the other.

Once they have a feel for these moves, noted Engen, "they can move onto snow in the next class and feel so much more comfortable."

The second class, Nov. 17, will be at Alta. There will be no class over Thanksgiving Weekend. The final two classes will be Dec. 1 and 8 at Alta. Instruction will be given in both alpine and nordic skiing.

Registration cost for all four lessons is $10.

Bus service will be available for the three Alta sessions. The two pick-up points will be Olympus Hills Shopping Center and on the west side of ZCMI in the Cottonwood Mall.

Students will need to have all their ski equipment - alpine or nordic - for the first session in Sugarhouse Park. Classes will begin forming at 9:30 a.m.