A business can't operate properly without good customers.

That's the lesson police officers learned last weekend when a customer helped a clerk apprehend a thief who tried to escape after stealing money from the store, according to a Salt Lake City police report.The trouble occurred about 9:45 a.m. Saturday at the Wonder Bread Hostess Cake thrift store, 708 W. North Temple, when the thief, pretending to buy and pay for a loaf of bread at the checkout stand, stole $90 from the cash register, the report said.

Immediately after the theft, the clerk and a customer chased the thief north on 700 West for approximately one block.

The clerk, who was out of breath, had to stop and return to the store. But the customer continued chasing him and was able to apprehend him and recover the stolen money. The customer later returned to the store with the stolen money, the report said.