They don't want their names used for fear their husbands and children will discover they are able to iron.

They are volunteers with the Women Helping Women Career Clothing Day Proj-ect, an immense undertaking sponsored by the Salt Lake City Mayor's office, the Volunteer Center and the Junior League. The event will help about 1,200 women with new and nearly new clothing for work.For the past two months, one of the warehouses of Pyke Manufacturing has been the hub of activities every Friday. The volunteer career women have sorted donated clothing by type and size, then sorted for laundry, pressing, dry cleaning and for drop off to other programs if the clothing is not suitable for the work-place. Henries and Vogue Dry Cleaners have agreed to dry clean many of the items.

The volunteers arrive with ironing boards and irons and spend hours pressing clothing. They do something, they say, that they rarely do in their own homes. One woman quotes her son: "I didn't know we had an ironing board. Are you giving that away?"

Linda Gobble, a volunteer with the project for three years, escorts these ironing volunteers to what she refers to as the "steam room." She is grateful, she said, for the response of the community to this project and for the many willing volunteers.

Did you know that you may qualify for assistance with your utility bills during the cold months? For more information call the Information and Referral Center, 487-4716.

If you'd like to inquire about, or volunteer for, any of the following requests, call the Voluntary Action Center of the Community Services Council, 212 W. 13th South, 486-2136.

Perform basic office duties at American Red Cross. Four-hour shifts one to three times a week.

Explain exhibits, conduct tours at children's museum.

Help with babies in day-care center.

Be a receptionist. On call, two hours a week.

Work with children and families involved with child abuse.

Work at information desk in hospital. Training provided.

Help in nursing area 8:30-12:30.

Organize or deliver food boxes.

Provide follow-up calls regarding food drives.

Provide foster care for young Vietnamese refugees.

Be companion to elderly blind man third Thursday of each month from noon to 3 p.m.

Drive cancer patients to radiation treatment. On-call basis one to four times a month.

Help at an information fair.

Work with youths in after-school activities.

Sell tickets, food and beverages at fund-raiser Nov. 16.

Help senior citizens who can't care for themselves.

Perform basic office tasks. Four hours a week.

Tutor elementary-aged children. Training. Needed during school hours.

Help out at city library.

Assist in Head Start classrooms.

Work in crisis nursery.

Sort clothing for homeless and needy people. Flexible hours.

Do basic office duties.

Play piano or organ at care center. Once a week, 12:30-3 p.m.

Conduct singalongs.

Answer phones, help with fund-raising for drug-free youth organization.

Help compile clippings, certificates and other memorabilia for New Hope Center's scrapbook.

Help American Cancer Society with basic office duties. Flexible hours, training.

Coordinate volunteer help. Schedule training sessions and volunteers.

Be a "special reader" in high school English department.

Help parents who call about child care. Training, one to three hours a week.

Match special needs children with new parents. Training. Volunteers needed Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

Work in Birthright office. Training, flexible schedule.

Donate sewing machine, kitchen chairs and desk.

Provide twin strollers.

Give riding toys to shelter care program.

Give a portable radio/cassette player to YWCA.

Provide cribs and car seats to teen home.

Donate light-colored yarn, material and batting for quilts.

Give new towels, blankets and socks to YWCA.

Provide beds, kitchen tables, pots, pans and dishes for refugee families.

Provide living room and office furniture.

Donate bassinet or crib, diaper bag and small diapers to new mother.

Provide winter clothing for three boys 8, 4 and 2. The boys are small for their ages.

Give a kitchen table, double and twin bed to family leaving homeless shelter.

Provide candy for holidays.

Donate ribbons, lace, candles for senior center crafts.

Donate crockpot to disabled couple.

Provide turkey roll and/or chickens for food boxes for the elderly and handicapped for Thanksgiving.

Give an overhead projector for presentations.

Provide small freezer for local food pantry.

Donate warm clothing for low-income people.

Give table and chairs.

Provide box springs and mattress for two families who have water damage.