The storm arrived in Utah a little late - but better late than never.

And it had William J. Alder and other meteorologists at the Salt Lake office of the National Weather Service singing the praises of Mother Nature.The storm left substantial amounts of snow in the mountains, including 13 inches at the Alta Guard Station, 11 inches at Snowbird, 10 inches at Solitude and 2 inches at Elk Meadows, a ski resort in Beaver Canyon. Mountain roads were snowpacked in a number of areas of southwestern Utah.

A few accidents were reported to the Utah Highway Patrol in Salt Lake County following the storm, but none involved serious injuries, a dispatcher said.

"It was a wonderful storm. We've talked about it so much this week. (To have the storm finally arrive) makes today a good Friday. The storm was a little slow coming in, but once it got here it did its thing. It's a good way to start November. We really need a wet water year," Alder said.

The storm hit mainly the western part of the state and the mountains. Little moisture reached the Uintah Basin or the Price or Four Corners areas, Alder said.As of early Friday, snow levels had dropped to about the 4,800-foot elevation along the Wasatch Front. It snowed early in the morning along bench areas on the east and west sides of the valley, Alder said. By 10 a.m. what little snow that collected on the ground in the East Mill Creek area of Salt Lake County had melted. Other areas experienced similar conditions.

As of 10 a.m., 2 inches of snow was reported at the Cedar City airport (5,600 feet elevation) and 6 inches in the downtown area.

A half-inch of snow was reported at Milford, Beaver County, and in Richfield, while about a quarter-inch had fallen at the 5,000-foot level in Sandy. Tooele got an inch, and the 5,500-foot level of Olympus Cove received 4 inches.

Milford reported 3 inches of snow; the Cove Fort area, 3 to 4 inches; and Coalville, 2 inches.

A Utah Highway Patrol dispatcher in Cedar City said roads were snow-packed early Friday on U-14 between Cedar City and U.S. 89 (Long Valley Junction), Kane County; U-143 from Parowan to Brian Head; U-20 between I-15 and U.S. 89 in northwestern Iron County; and U-153 from Beaver to Elk Meadows ski area in Beaver County.

The snowstorm delighted skiers hoping for substantial amounts of snow in time for Thanksgiving and raised the hopes of officials concerned about water supplies in many areas of drought-stricken Utah.

Here are water amounts tallied as of early Friday: 0.35 of an inch at the Salt Lake International Airport; 0.60, Holladay; 1.02, Draper; 0.43, North Salt Lake; 0.79, mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon; 0.29, Ogden; 0.78, Tooele; 0.39, Logan; 0.43, Spanish Fork; 0.20, Brigham City; 0.50, West Valley City; 0.29, Ogden; 0.20, Mountain Dell Reservoir area; 0.24, Cedar City Airport; 0.14, Hill Air Force Base; 0.24, Layton; 0.06, Richfield; 0.78, Olympus Cove.

A snow advisory was issued early Friday for all of southwestern Utah above the 4,000-foot elevation (except the St. George area).

Partly cloudy skies were forecast for northern Utah Friday afternoon. It will be partly cloudy Saturday and mostly fair Sunday.

Temperatures Friday night will be in the mid-20s. High temperatures during the next two days will be in the mid-40s. The mercury might reach 50 degrees Sunday, Alder said.


Let it snow!

Alta 13 inches

Snowbird 11

Solitude 10

Elk Meadows 2

Cedar City 6

Tooele 1

Olympus Cove 4

Milford 3

Cove Fort 3.5

Coalville 2