To the editor:

Since the question has been raised by Diana Ferrell (Oct. 27), let me tell you what has been delivered:I have held the line on taxes. Salt Lake County has not increased taxes in five years; economic development programs resulting in our area being named the No. 1 place to locate a business in America; the highest job creation and lowest unemployment in a decade; Salt Lake County named America's choice for the Winter Olympics.

Yes, I am proud of helping to save the Jazz and Eagles for the area. Mental health and other social services programs have received national recognition; the canyon master plan has received many awards; a citizen unloading station at the landfill and a recycling program; Little Dell Dam, which will provide us an adequate water supply; cleanest air in decades.

More new library construction than at any other time; more park and recreation capital expenditures; three golf courses under development; an Inland Port Authority that will bring new revenues; an earthquake preparedness plan that the federal government has praised; Triple AAA bond rating and a five-year budget plan that does not anticipate tax increases; fewer employees per 10,000 citizens than other counties in America; and a volunteer program that utilizes 10,000 citizens and saves $7 million annually in taxes, and . . .

Commissioner M. Tom Shimizu

Salt Lake City