A Sandy man scheduled for trial this week in 2nd District Court on first-degree felony charges of aggravated kidnapping and aggravated burglary pleaded guilty instead to two reduced charges.

Charles A. Watkins, 24, pleaded guilty to attempted burglary and aggravated assault, both third-degree felonies, and is scheduled for sentencing Dec. 4.He pleaded guilty to entering the home of an ex-girlfriend in Layton on July 30 without her permission, armed with a .38-caliber pistol. The relationship was ending, County Attorney Mel Wilson said, and Watkins apparently wanted to force the former girlfriend to discuss it.

The woman's children, who were in the home, called Layton police, who reported the pistol was loaded when they confiscated it from Watkins. At one point, Wilson said, Watkins handed the pistol over to the woman and told her to shoot herself with it.

Watkins now faces prison terms of zero to five years on each count. The initial charges carried prison terms of five years to life each.