The two House incumbents from Utah seeking re-election are real PAC-men, according to the watchdog group Common Cause.

That's because Reps. Jim Hansen, R-Utah, and Wayne Owens, D-Utah, have received nearly 10 times as much as their opponents from political action committees of special interest groups, according to Common Cause's evaluation of Federal Election Commission reports through Sept. 30.That has helped the two incumbents to raise three times as much money overall as their opponents.

Common Cause said Hansen raised $135,476 of his total $200,803 through the end of September from PACs - or 68 percent. Democrat Kenley Brunsdale raised 45,000 of his 93,742 total from PACs - or 48 percent.

Owens raised $351,272 of his total $680,210 from PACs - or 52 percent. Republican Genevieve Atwood raised $6,830 of her total $210,038 from PACs - or 3 percent. More than $100,000 of that was also a personal loan she gave her campaign.

Common Cause said that of the 406 incumbents seeking re-election, Owens ranked 11th in money spent, 26th in money received from PACS and 29th in total receipts.

In the 3rd District race for the seat vacated by retiring Rep. Howard Nielson, R-Utah, Common Cause said Republican Karl Snow raised a total of $178,565 including $37,650 from PACs. Democrat Bill Orton raised $42,165 total, including $13,500 from PACs.