The race between Rep. Wayne Owens, D-Utah, and Republican Genevieve Atwood is now in a statistical dead heat, according to a new poll by the National Republican Congressional Committee.

It shows Owens with 42 percent support, Atwood with 39 percent and 19 percent of voters undecided.Owens says his polls how he has support of 51 percent of the voters.

The NRCC poll has a statistical margin of error of 5.66 percent. It was conducted for the national committee by Western Watts of Provo on Tuesday and Wednesday, and interviewed 300 voters in the 2nd Congressional District.

Despite Owens still holding a lead in the poll, NRCC spokesman Bruce Blakeman said, "This survey shows that people are ready for a change. They are tired of the way Wayne Owens and the Democrat Congress have spent more and more of our tax dollars."

The NRCC is an independent arm of the National Republican Committee, and works to help elect Republicans to the House by helping raise money, buy ads and conduct research including polling.

Owens has been doing continuous "tracking polling" for the past several weeks, where voters are interviewed nightly. "Our tracking shows about 51 percent for Wayne and 32 or 33 percent for Atwood. That was reconfirmed last night," Art Kingdom, Owens' press secretary, said Friday.

He added that Owens' poll shows no closing at all by Atwood. "When there are fluctuations, it is usually Wayne going up to 57 percent or so." However, Blakeman said that according to Atwood's showing in the NRCC poll, "All the movement is coming her way."