The running mate of the Republican gubernatorial candidate who dropped out of the race will not appear on next week's ballot, the Minnesota Supreme Court ruled Thursday.

Sharon Clark, nominated in the GOP primary with Jon Grunseth, had asked the court to reverse a decision taking her off the ballot and replacing her with the running mate of Grunseth's replacement.Grunseth's replacement, Arne Carlson, chose Joanell Dyrstad as his running mate.

"They ruled Secretary of State Joan Growe was right, that the decision to place on the ballot the team of Carlson and Dyrstad was proper," said Chief Deputy Attorney General Jack Tunheim.

Grunseth submitted an affidavit of withdrawal after dropping out of the race Sunday amid allegations he tried to swim nude with teenage girls at a 1981 party and cheated on both his wives.

Clark did not withdraw, arguing that she had the right to remain on the ballot because she won the support of the Republican Party and GOP voters in the primary.

"We're absolutely delighted," Carlson said. "We feel like we've been through the trials of Job and that has finally come to an end."