A woman on trial for using the men's room at a country-western concert used the ladies room in court and emerged smiling as more than a dozen photographers furiously snapped her picture.

The photography frenzy occurred Thursday as Denise Wells, 33, took a break from her trial on misdemeanor charges of violating a city ordinance.The law bars members of one sex from using a public restroom designed for members of the opposite sex in a manner calculated to cause a disturbance. She faces a maximum $200 fine if convicted.

Her trial was to continue Friday.

Wells' lawyer, Valorie Wells Davenport, said Thursday that Wells used the men's room out of desperation because the women's room line was too long.

"She was just trying to go to the bathroom, not cause a disturbance," said Davenport, who is the defendant's sister.

The case has brought Wells national attention, and the media interest continued Thursday when a throng of photographers followed her to a courthouse restroom. Davenport has ordered her sister not to talk to the media.

But she called the woman's prosecution "a silly waste of taxpayer money."

"Quite frankly, I always thought Texas was big enough to come to a lady in distress and dismiss charges like these," she said. "We have four brothers. Denise grew up using the men's room."