The Irish Republican Army claimed responsibility Saturday for a bomb attack on a British army barracks in West Germany and said Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher's condemnation of the IRA was spurring its guerrilla war.

Three soldiers and a civilian suffered cuts and bruises Friday when a bomb ripped part of the roof off the Roy Barracks in Duesseldorf.The bombing raised to 37 the number of British security personnel injured since Monday in IRA attacks in Northern Ireland, England and continental Europe.

Six people have been killed since Monday in the IRA's stepped-up campaign to drive the British out of the predominantly Protestant province and unite it with the Roman Catholic Irish Republic.

Thatcher on Saturday called the IRA "enemies of freedom and enemies of justice." She spoke to reporters during a brief stop in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, en route to Thailand for a visit.

"One is always disturbed when there are any bombings, violence, killings and maiming of any kind," Thatcher said.

"I can only make it perfectly clear to all peoples of the world over that this is contrary to democracy everywhere in the world. These people (the IRA) have no respect for democracy," she said.

In Australia on Friday, Thatcher said in a British Broadcasting Corp. interview that IRA guerrillas "should be wiped off the civilized world."

The IRA made its claim in a statement distributed to news media. In the same statement, it said that "the type of hypocritical comments made by Thatcher in Malaysia and in Australia are only a spur to our volunteers to maintain the armed struggle."