Prominent business and political leaders reiterated support for Republican candidate Karl Snow Friday.

Provo Mayor Joe Jenkins said the group of 35 to 40 individuals wanted to demonstrate a "nucleus of strong, solid support" for Snow.Seven individuals made statements in support of Snow, including Geneva Steel President Joe Cannon, who said Snow has demonstrated a commitment to bringing jobs to Utah.

Steven R. Shallenberger, former Utah County Republican chairman, said Karl would "help develop the current policies that have helped make our state the progressive and responsible state it is today."

Carol Thorne, owner of the Holiday Inn in Provo, said people "desperately need a fiscal conservative like Karl Snow with a proven track record on business and economic issues."

Chris Cannon, president of Cannon Industries, said Snow is a man of integrity. He said it would be impossible for a Democrat to be effective in Congress while trying to maintain the conservative principles of Utah County.