The long-anticipated Trump divorce became more than just gossip Friday. Ivana's lawyer said she's making the move against developer Donald.

"Through her attorneys, Ivana Trump announced today that with deep regret she is filing for divorce," lawyer Michael Kennedy said in a one-sentence statement.Kennedy's secretary said he would not speak to reporters. It wasn't clear when the papers would be filed.

The couple separated in February amid a flurry of publicity over Trump's relationship with model-actress Marla Maples.

"It comes as no surprise that this is happening," said Trump's lawyer, Jay Goldberg.

He said Mrs. Trump decided to file for divorce after realizing that a previous lawsuit she filed challenging a financial agreement with her husband was "a frivolous maneuver."

Under the prenuptial agreement, Mrs. Trump would receive $10 million and the couple's Connecticut estate, which could now be more valuable than a percentage of Trump's holdings.

"In the first lawsuit she claimed the agreement ought to be set aside," Goldberg said. "Once the depositions were taken, she realizes now the frivolousness of her position. Now she seeks a divorce where she can get the benefit of the agreement."

Since that lawsuit was filed, the Trump financial empire has come under severe pressure from bondholders and other lenders and the worth of the former billionaire is now subject to question.

Trump's public relations spokesmen at Howard Rubenstein Associates and business spokeswoman, Norma Foederer, had no comment.