To the editor:

Salt Lake County voters have heard Sheriff Pete Hayward claim to be running his department "on the leading edge of technology," and that his department now has computer-aided dispatch.The voters need to know that this technology is not new and is not "on the leading edge of technology." The Salt Lake Police Department has had computer-aided dispatch for 14 years. The sheriff's office refused to participate in the system when it was acquired in 1976.

Deputies, at the direction of Hayward, are still required to carry six-shot revolvers. Modern police departments across the country, including the Salt Lake Police Department, have converted to semiautomatic pistols to more adequately protect the officers against heavily armed drug dealers and gangs.

Hayward has refused to cooperate with valley police agencies in combined law enforcement efforts. This has resulted in inefficient use of police resources, lack of communication between agencies, duplication of services and excessive risk to undercover operatives, who may be unknowingly working the same cases.

There are far too many examples of lack of cooperation by the sheriff to be listed here.

The Salt Lake County Sheriff's Department is a fine organization that delivers quality law enforcement service to this county in spite of the antiquated management of Hayward. Law enforcement officers all over this county know the truth about how Hayward runs the department, and they are voting for Aaron Kennard.

David P. Greer

President, Salt Lake Police Association