The job of governor takes its toll, according to the common wisdom, but Maryland Gov. William Donald Schaefer decided to turn the tables.

Schaefer collected tolls from 420 cars at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. Friday, when beach-going traffic is the heaviest."You don't really know a job until you try it yourself," said Schaefer, who wanted to see how toll-takers withstand the busy summer season.

Schaefer said he learned the job can be done better, and that drivers can make the job easier too, governor's spokesman Bob Douglas said.

The chief executive said it is a hassle to unroll bills to deposit the $1.25 toll in the cash register. And, he said, the high winds coming off the bay make the job tougher than it has to be.

"He didn't drop any money and at the end of it, they said he was off five cars," Douglas said. Schaefer had forgotten to push the button near the cash register for five of the 420 cars that went through his booth, Douglas said.