Ted Turner appreciates his freedom too much to go into politics. "I think I can make a greater contribution in global communications than I could with a political career in one country," the cable television magnate said. "I want to be free. Politics, particularly in this country, but most everywhere, is just one big series of compromises." Turner spoke Tuesday to businessmen in Marietta, Ohio, and said he fears the federal budget problems could trigger the worst depression in the nation' history. "I would sure hope that the leadership of this country would stand up and say, `We are mad as hell; we're just not going to take it anymore. We are just not going to let our futures go down the drain,"' he said. Turner also was critical of the economic policies of the Reagan and Bush administrations. "I'd love to see a way you can create something out of nothing," he said. "I have done it but I don't think you can do it by spending someone else's money and spending more than you've got coming in."