Tom Cruise and John Sununu may be short, but they're still sharp when it comes to clothes. The young actor and President Bush's chief of staff, who both are 5-foot-9, both made the 10 Best-dressed Shorter Men in America list compiled by Short Sizes Inc., a specialty clothing company.

Also on the list are 5-foot-7 rock star Billy Joel, 5-foot-7 Broadway actor Robert Morse, 5-foot-6 Olympic gymnast Bart Connor, 5-foot-8 television home handyman Bob Vila, 5-foot-7 Cleveland Mayor Michael White and 5-foot-8 writer Tom Wolfe.There were also a couple of dishonorable mentions on the list - cartoon characters Homer and Bart Simpson. "Homer's entire wardrobe should be nuked," said 5-foot-2 Bob Stern, president of Short Sizes. "And, for the sake of civilization, Bart right along with it."