A former ninth-grade Bountiful High School teacher charged with forcibly sodomizing a female student has been committed to the State Hospital.

Marshall Stevens was sent there by 2nd District Judge Rodney Page after an evaluation by Davis County Mental Health determined Stevens is incompetent to stand trial.He is to remain hospitalized until he is able to stand trial.

His defense attorney contended Stevens does not understand the nature of the charges and cannot assist in his own defense.

He pleaded innocent to three counts of forcible sodomy on May 22, 1989.

Stevens later waived his right to a speedy preliminary hearing after he was involved in a carbon-monoxide poisoning incident at his home on Aug. 5, 1989, said Deputy Davis County Attorney Brian Namba.

Stevens said he was blinded and mentally impaired by fumes that originated from a running automobile in his garage, Namba said.

After being injured, Stevens asked the court to conduct a competency evaluation.

Psychiatrists concluded Stevens' mental incompetency stems from purposeful manipulation, instigated by his inability to face charges.

Namba recommended the court commit Stevens to the hospital to dissuade him of the belief that he can avoid the consequences of his actions.

Page said he'd consider a motion to place Stevens in a private institution if the family arranges financing.

Stevens was committed to the State Hospital because Davis County Mental Health refuses to house him any longer, Namba said.