To the editor:

Recently on Channel 2, Rod Decker make his report on Karl Snow's involvement with Michael Strand. I was led to believe that although Snow was involved, he did nothing wrong. Decker needs a net installed behind and just above his head because he just missed this one.The issue is not that Snow is guilty of anything. Snow aligned himself with individuals who used him and his office. It is glaringly apparent that Snow was used whether he knew it at the time or not. It is scary to think that Snow was not aware of being used. Individuals testified of their experiences and first-hand knowledge concerning Snow's activities, and it is apparent that he wants the public to think that his involvement was less than casual.

What could happen if this man got in office and someone of Mike Strand's ability and influence again got his attention? Snow caved in once out of office, he can cave in again in office and to a much greater degree.

Mike Schnabel

President, Republicans for Orton