Vice President Dan Quayle is getting a strong message from a Utah County Republican who is planning to vote for Democrat Bill Orton in the 3rd District congressional race.

The 3rd District may be "the most Republican of any in the United States," the letter faxed to Quayle said, but "don't think for a minute that you will arrive here to find any united Republican coalition for Karl Snow."Snow is the Republican candidate in the race. Quayle is scheduled to participate in a rally for Snow Thursday at Utah Valley Community College in Orem.

George Murdock, Orem, sent the letter to Quayle. He is a lifelong Republican who is "satisfied that Bill is going to vote closer to the way I think as a conservative Republican than the alternative out there."

Murdock's letter said Quayle's trip to Utah County will "draw national attention to the fact that a Democrat, Bill Orton, is going to win the race in this district. Of the 150 calls I have personally made to fellow Republican friends and associates, not one is voting for Karl Snow."

Murdock said Orton, a tax attorney, "would become the tax authority in the House" if elected.

Tuesday night, about 20 Republicans attended a meeting at the home of Doug Marriott to hear Orton's views on issues.

"How can you be a Democrat and sound so much like a Republican?" one member of the audience asked Orton.

A number of people left the meeting with Republicans for Orton signs to plant in their lawns. The signs, which show an elephant with his arm around a surprised donkey, list Orton as the "clean, conservative, courageous" choice for Congress. However, like snowflakes, the signs disappear almost as soon as they touch the ground.