Third District Congressman Howard Nielson says the two candidates seeking his seat are waging the "dirtiest campaigns in memory."

Nielson reiterated his endorsement of Snow. But he also said Snow showed "poor judgment" in involving himself with convicted stock swindler Michael Strand in the failed merger of Unique Battery Systems and Global Oil.Nielson told the Deseret News he wished Snow's involvement in the two companies had been disposed of before the primary campaign. Snow, who was broke after his gubernatorial bid in 1984, "tried to get some money and invested unwisely," Nielson said.

Nielson said Snow will be "dogged by this as long as he's in public life." But Snow shouldn't be blamed for others investing in the same deal, Nielson said.

Several investors say they invested money because of Snow's purported association with the two companies. Snow maintains he did nothing wrong.

Many investors lost money in the deal and have filed lawsuits. Snow is not named in any of those court actions.