In the movie "Halloween" . . . and Halloween I, II, III, IV and V and so forth, Michael Myers, the hockey-masked weirdo, kills people for a thrill every Oct. 31.

But, in Murray, Michael Myers spent Halloween at home with wife and children giving candy to trick-or-treaters.Myers, who has the same name as the horror films' main character, says he enjoys Halloween and doesn't mind being teased by children and friends about the similarity in the names.

"Michael Myers," also known as "The Shape," terrorizes in the movies the fictitious town of Haddonfield, Ill.

"I guess it's all right having this name," Myers said. "I've seen the movie, but I'm nothing like the Michael Myers in the sequels. I'm more like the Michael Myers in the first movie."

This Michael Myers is a painter and has never worn a hockey mask, like the chilling character of the slasher flick. This Michael Myers says he is a "mellow fellow."

According to wife, Janet, Oct. 31 is his favorite time of the year. "I guess it's weird his name is Michael Myers. At least my kids think it is. They think it's weird that there's a bad guy with their dad's name," she said.

But Halloween is not as pleasant for another Michael Meyers, who says he was surprised by the 1978 film's indestructible killer's identity.

It's so unpleasant that one time he tried to order pizza on the phone and the cook wouldn't let him order thinking he was a prankster.

"They didn't think that was my name. I swore that it was and when I went down to pick it (the pizza) up I showed him my ID to prove that I wasn't joking," Meyers said.

It's particularly embarrassing, he said, at school when teachers call out his name in front of the class.