Halloween or not, trying to cash a check at a bank while wearing a mask is a no-no.

The Provo office of Key Bank posted a sign of warning Wednesday to those wearing masks on Halloween that they were not allowed within the bank. If they entered, tellers would automatically push the alarm button."The sign was put up because of the robberies last week," bank employee Emily DeHaan said. "We have to be able to indentify the people using the bank."

The North Provo Branch of First Interstate Bank was robbed of more than $8,000 Oct. 22, when three armed suspects entered the bank wearing Halloween masks.

Pete Pletsch, area manager of the First Interstate Bank, said as a standard practice "we post signs that say `Please No Masks' in the lobby on Halloween."

Pletsch said another Provo branch had a few anxious moments on Halloween when someone dressed in a clown uniform came into the bank to make a transaction.