Ty Detmer has become a football superstar at Brigham Young University, but when he signs autographs Nov. 15, he will do it for another Ty: tyrannosaurus rex, the mascot of the newly formed Kids Club at BYU's Earth Science Museum.

Detmer will be at the Alumni House from 7 to 8:30 p.m. as the center of a series of activities that include drawings for a BYU football, football jersey and tickets to the Utah State University game. Children may also sign up for a dinosaur drawing contest.The activity is open to those who register as Kids Club members.

Membership is limited to the first 500, and registration is available though the museum at 1683 N. Canyon Road in Provo. Registration is $15 for one child, $10 for the second child in a family and $5 for each additional child.

In addition, award-winning graphic artist McRay Magleby has designed a Kids Club T-shirt available through the museum.

Those who join the club receive a Kids Club packet, including dinosaur activity worksheets, a dinosaur pencil and stickers, the Kids Club newsletter, a discount on all items at the Earth Science Museum gift shop, a membership card, field trips and special tours of the museum and laboratories, and a storytelling program and other educational activities.

"We've organized the Kids Club to call attention to what we have to offer at the museum," says Janita Andersen, who directs the museum's special projects.

Museum Director Wade Miller believes the collection is one of the best-kept secrets in Utah.

"We house one of the largest collections of dinosaur bones from the Jurassic Period of 145 million to 210 million years ago," Miller says. "Thousands of dinosaur bones are stored underneath the Cougar Stadium bleachers awaiting the day when we will have adequate resources for study or display."

Museum hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. For additional information, call the museum at 378-4517.