Vice President Dan Quayle said Wednesday that the United States would seek to disarm Iraq even if Saddam Hussein withdrew from Kuwait.

"A Saddam who has ballistic missiles, who has chemical capability, biological capability - would like to have the nuclear capability - cannot continue to have that capability even if he withdraws from Kuwait," Quayle said on public television's "MacNeil/Lehrer Newshour."The vice president's statement went beyond the goals President Bush spelled out Aug. 8, when he announced the rationale for sending U.S. forces to oppose Saddam following Iraq's invasion of Kuwait.

Bush had cited the withdrawal of Iraqi forces from Kuwait, restoration of the ousted government, creating security and stability in the Persian Gulf and protecting the lives of American citizens abroad.

Quayle reaffirmed those goals but said the United States would have to go further "because you cannot simply allow Saddam Hussein to have this military power and have the technology into the future."

"This man is a terrorist, this man is a murderer. We have seen what he has done to Kuwait, and that cannot be tolerated," he said.

A White House spokesman was not able to say whether Quayle's statement represented any change in administration policy.