To the editor:

The facts never seem to change: Utah has one of the largest school-age populations as a percent of the total population of any state in the union; of the 40 school districts in Utah, there is only one that has more students per teacher than does Nebo District and of those same districts, they all spend more actual dollars per student than does Nebo.It's not that Nebo is stingy. . . . It's just that the assessed property valuation in Nebo District just can't compare with that of many other areas around the state.

It is a daily reality that in one of every two classes in Nebo District at all levels, there are more than 30 students enrolled. In the elementary grades especially, where one-on-one relationships with caring teachers are vital, each new student assigned in a classroom diminishes the amount of individual quality time each student gets, regardless of how superhuman the teacher attempts to be.

If we, as patrons of Nebo School District, vote on Nov. 6 to raise $424,000 in a property tax mill increase (that's about $2.20 a month per household), the state will kick in an additional $423,000. If we don't care enough about the condition of our children's classrooms to pass the upcoming mill levy, the state will kick in nothing . . . not one dollar.

Drew Daniels, Jim Griffin, Joyce Slye

Dave Dahlquist, Crystal Watson

Nebo Education Association