Pressed by the state Board of Pardons, former Utah State Prison Capt. Albert A. Walles, imprisoned for coercing sexual favors from a male inmate, reluctantly told about past sexual misconduct with boys.

Walles, 41, of Riverton, was asked Wednesday about a prior criminal conviction "of a sexual nature" in Iron County."You're putting me between a rock and a hard place," said Walles. "That was expunged."

"No, you put yourself between a rock and a hard place," said board member Don Blanchard, adding that expungement of a criminal act does not prohibit "acknowledging what happened."

Walles then admitted the 1975 Iron County conviction was "a sexual situation" involving "probably two or three" juvenile boys.

To further questioning, Walles also admitted using his position as a Boy Scout leader in Kearns to take sexual advantage of two more boys in 1982.

The board denied Walles a parole date, but he will appear before the board again in April. In the meantime, the board ordered Walles to submit to a full psychological examination.

Walles was originally charged with two counts of forcible sodomy in the July 1989 incident in which Walles and inmate Kyle Harding were discovered in a compromising position.

In a plea-bargain agreement, Walles pleaded guilty to one count of attempted forcible sexual abuse, a third-degree felony. He was sentenced to a 0-to-5-year prison term and fined $5,000.