An evangelist ordered the devil to get out of the San Francisco area without delay as a shrieking crowd of 1,000 pro-homosexual activists cursed the evangelists and his 5,000 Halloween "prayer warriors."

The two-hour confrontation Wednesday evening took place at the Civic Center Auditorium, the site of a Christian crusade organized by evangelists who say the city is plagued by immoral homosexuals, crime, witchcraft and general sin.The protesters, who contended the meeting was an attack on homosexuality, shouted profanities, waved insulting signs, shrieked, chanted and blocked buses bringing the crusaders from some 250 Northern California churches.

They put up a 12-foot paper penis in the form of a cross in front of barricades.

"We're queer, we're here, get used to it!" they yelled.

The demonstrators were held back by dozens of police in riot gear. At one point, police had to reach in and pull crusade participants through the crowd and into the auditorium, where they and and their belongings were searched.

The shrieking got so loud that officers covered their ears.

The confrontation ended two hours after it started when the demonstrators matched to the mainly gay Castro District, where the city's typically outrageous Halloween festivities drew more than 150,000 people, many in drag.