Crimes against joggers, such as rape, are rare but not rare enough.

That's why the Road Runners Club of America is working hard to prevent such realities from catching up with runners, according to Better Homes and Gardens magazine.Here are several tips for running safety, prepared by the RRCA.

- Carry identification or write name, phone number and blood type on the inside sole of a running shoe. Include medical information.

- Carry change for phoning. Call police immediately if something happens or if danger is suspected.

- Run with a partner.

- Leave word of running routes with family and friends.

- Run in familiar areas, and alter the route regularly. In unfamiliar areas contact running stores or police for safety tips. Check where phones are located and which stores are open at the time you are running.

- Stay alert to dangerous situations. Avoid unpopulated areas, deserted streets, overgrown trails, poorly lighted areas, parked cars and bushes.

- Don't wear headphones.

- Ignore verbal harassment. Look directly at strangers, but keep your distance and keep moving.

- Run against traffic to see oncoming autos, and wear reflective material if running before dawn or after dark.