In the next eight to 10 months, Juab County residents will only have to dial 911 to reach emergency police, fire and medical services.

Juab commissioners received permission from their counterparts in Utah County to participate with that county in providing 911 service to Juab residents. Commission Chairman Joseph Bernini said the Juab emergency calls will be routed through the Utah County Sheriff's Department equipment.He said calls would instantaneously be rerouted back to the Juab County Sheriff's Office where the dispatcher would send emergency help. In cases where the caller is unable to speak, an officer and ambulance will be dispatched to the residence. The address and phone number of all callers will automatically be shown on the computer screen of the Juab County Sheriff's dispatcher.

Bernini said using Utah County's equipment will be much less expensive than if Juab County were to install it.

Commissioners have learned the sheriff's office will need a personal computer, computer printer and telephone modem. The equipment will cost approximately $10,000 to $11,000.

The same system Utah County has would cost several hundred thousand dollars.

"Now Juab County must get inter-local agreements from all the municipalities to be served by the 911 system," said Don Eyre Jr., Juab County attorney. The agreements, he said, authorize the county sheriff's office to act as the 911 dispatching agent for the service.

The agreements also will authorize US WEST to collect 50 cents per telephone for the service. Of that fee, 25 cents will go to the county to pay for its costs. The other 25 cents will go to the phone company for its expenses.

Not only did Juab commissioners receive permission from Utah County commissioners to use the 911 equipment but visited the Utah County Sheriff's Office where they saw the equipment at work.

Bernini said commissioners went to Springville, which is cooperating with the Utah County Sheriff's Department on a 911 service plan similar to the one Juab County will use.

The Utah County Sheriff's Department has five emergency dispatchers on duty 24 hours a day. Juab County has one dispatcher on duty each shift for 24 hours per day.