Quaker's latest oat cereal is instant "wholesome and hearty Oat Bran." It is touted as a high-fiber, multi-grain hot cereal that provides 11 essential vitamins and minerals. The flavors are: regular, apple and spice, honey, and apple-cinnamon. The 10-ounce box contains eight single serving packets and retails for $2.29-$2.59 depending on the flavor.

Kay Hadley: "Instant oatmeal is a backpacking staple at our house. Quaker's new oat bran cereal was recently put to the test on a Scout overnighter and received a `thumbs up' rating. We tried apple and spice flavor, and it smells and tastes like apples and cinnamon."From a nutritional standpoint, oat bran is said to be overrated but give it a try anyway."

Don Russell: "This hot cereal rates high at our house. With all of the benefits of good old fashioned oatmeal, this microwave version has the added bonus of being extra creamy. We added our own sweetner since Quaker doesn't include any in the packaging. As a parent, I like being able to control the amount of sugar our kids are consuming."

Doris Wilding: "I have a very unusual bunch of kids - they like mush! I've always kept an instant oatmeal cereal on hand and find this hot cereal a great addition. It's a great blend of apple and cinnamon flavor and my kids really liked it. This will be a regular for us."

Judy Slack: "We had the apple cinnamon flavor, and it was really good. I microwaved it and it even smelled good as it was cooking. I love the convenience of the individual packets. You can even keep them in a desk drawer at work."

Edyth Jensen: "I do not care much for oatmeal cereal - especially hot. But I could eat this one once in a while. It has a finer texture than a regular oatmeal cereal. We tried the regular flavor. We may use it again some time in the future."

Linda C. Tingey: "This is good for you, but even Tyler, my one son that likes cooked cereal, said, `this is yucky.' It's just a little too bran-y. We just didn't care for and we won't bother buying it again."

Conclusion: Grab this new cereal for your family for a frosty morning's breakfast. It's the right thing to do!

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