More than 40 contestants correctly guessed the 12 winning teams in last week's Deseret News Grid Picks contest, meaning that the tiebreaker game was used to determine the one weekly winner and 10 runners-up.

Glen Nash of Sandy came the closest to guessing the actual 55-31 score in BYU's win over New Mexico, with his 52-21 prediction, 13 points off the mark. Nash becomes the week's winner, earning the $100 first prize.He also joins the other weekly winners of the contest in vying for the Grid Picks grand prize - a chance at $25,000. The money will be awarded to the weekly winner who correctly predicts the halftime and final scores of the BYU-Utah game next month.

The 10 runners-up, who will receive Deseret News "Sports Page" T-shirts, were determined by using the same tiebreaker method. Six contestants tied for the final two spots, with a random drawing used to select the final two winners of T-shirts.

The runners-up included Duane Adamson of Sandy, Troy Cude of Salt Lake City, Rusty Southwick of Payson, Trudi Zippro of Farmington, Glenn Kirk of Salt Lake City, Mike Kocheuar of Riverton, R.G. Brugger of Richfield, Luci Lee of Salt Lake City, Kent Ballard of Bennion, and Devon Sanderson of Salt Lake City.

The breakdown of the 1,356 total entries into number of games correctly guessed is: 12 - 14; 11 - 241; 10 - 404; 9 - 354; 8 - 192; 7 - 77; 6 - 32; 5 - 9; 4 - 4; 3 - 2; 2 - 0; 1 - 0.