DEAR ABBY: One of my doctors charges $95 for a 15-minute office call. When you leave the office, the lady at the desk says, "We'll take care of your Medicare form."

When I received the Medicare information, there was an indication of two surgeries during that office call, one for $50 and one for $45. I had no surgery.I suppose he does this to get me a better reimbursement for my costs. However, it is hard for me not to consider it fraud.

On my second visit, the same thing happened, with the same amounts. Should I report this to Medicare? - PUZZLED IN PASADENA

DEAR PUZZLED: No. First, call your physician's office manager and ask for an explanation. It may be a matter of coding for Medicare. If you are not satisfied with the explanation, THEN report your physician, but first give him the chance to explain why Medicare was billed for two surgeries that were not performed.

DEAR ABBY: I live at home with my mother (I'm 25), and a young man named "Bo" lives with us. (He's 21.) Bo has been here almost a year. We dated less than two months, when he stayed over one night. The next day, before I could take him home, his mother came and dumped all his belongings on my front lawn. Bo had no job and nowhere to go, so Mother and I took him in.

A year later, he still has no job. Last month, he was arrested for violation of probation. As part of the condition of his probation, he has to attend a group therapy class once a week. Since he has no driver's license, I have to drive him everywhere. (Group therapy is 30 miles each way.)

But here's the real problem: I was born and raised in a strict Baptist home. (My father was a minister.) When I met Bo, I went back on everything I ever believed in: no sex before marriage, no living together. My mother did the same. Last month, I decided to go back to my church. I refused to have sex with Bo, and he hit the ceiling. No matter what Scripture I showed him in the Bible, his answer was, "This is the '90s."

When I went back to church, I met a man I was drawn to immediately. I've only talked to him once, and that was when he was going around shaking hands. When his hand touched mine, sparks flew. He sings in the choir, and he stares at me the whole time. He is deeply religious, very handsome, polite and well-dressed. He is a beautiful, super person.

What am I going to do about Bo? I don't love him. I realize now that I never did love him. I feel sorry for him because if we make him leave, he will have nowhere to go. He can also get violent if he thinks someone has wronged him. I am trapped, Abby! What should I do? - MISERABLE IN THE BIBLE BELT

DEAR MISERABLE: Tell Bo clearly that you want him out of your house by a certain date - and stick to it. The arrangements will have to be up to him. Tell him he had better go back to his mother, because you have gone back to your church.

If he gives you and your mother any trouble, call his probation officer and explain it to him. Between the three of you, I'm sure you can get Bo to see the light.

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