Nu Arc Scientific Corp., a research and development company in the field of biomediation and emission purification systems, has relocated its corporate headquarters from California to 6111 Stratler St.

Edward Taylor, Nu Arc founder and chief engineer, and his wife, Carole, director of biochemistry at the company, said the decision to relocate was due to Utah's high quality work force and the state's desire to work with diversified manufacturing plants.He said the state also needs corporations that can offer higher technical data for research in the biomediation fields.

For the past 15 years the company has been involved in advanced technological research in an emission purification system to be used by oil refineries and coal and steel manufacturing plants that will reduce NOx emissions, a key component in smog, by 99 percent.

The Taylors invented the purification system and said it will allow manufacturers to increase to capacity loads, something they have been reluctant to do because of the possibility of fines.

Nu Arc plans to open a manufacturing facility in West Jordan in the next three months, employing an additional 10-15 people for production and distribution of the purification system. The Murray office houses the chemistry, marketing, public relations and engineering employees.