Because of rapidly dropping water levels, some restrictions have been placed on boating at Pineview Reservoir and Utah Division of Parks and Recreation officials are looking at adding more.

The water level at Pineview, said Jerry Hover, chief of operations for the DRP, is very low, "almost to the end of the ramp. Right now the ramp is almost unusable. It's not a pretty sight. We are encouraging boaters to use other reservoirs." Restrictions require boaters to travel at wakeless speeds in certain areas.The east neck area at East Canyon has been posted, but the main part of the lake and the ramp are in good shape, although the lake is smaller than it would normally be at this time of year.

Two areas that could use more pressure, and where boating is good, are Rockport and Yuba reservoirs. Also, Utah Lake is in excellent shape. The marina area was dredged this year and the lake level has not dropped as much as at other lakes.

At Bear Lake the water level is dropping, but boats can still launch from the state marina. Weekend lineups there to launch, however, are long.